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Ashley B.

I had a massage this past Saturday and I feel great!! My muscles are loose and I feel so much better. Thanks Chris you rock!!

Amy A.

My Therapist – Chris Morrison – was fantastic.

He has an excellent sense of what treatment is needed and is able to adjust techniques during the session to accomodate.

He is very considerate of the client’s comfort/massage goals, and checks in often during the massage to make sure the pressure is what is wanted.
Though there were some sore places he found during the massage treatment, I left the session feeling much better than when I went in; and the day after, I felt even better than that. Tension was gone that I hadn’t even known was there before the treatment.
I would recommend him for both deep tissue work and relaxing massage.

UPDATE: Chris has added Hot Stone treatments to his repertoire and – wow – bar none the best massage I’ve had. The length was 90 minutes and it was a perfect blend of relaxing heat/pressure with a deep tissue feel. I’ve always been torn between the deep tissue therapy and the relaxation of the sweedish massage. With this, I got both – with the added bonus of the heated stones. SO amazing. Can’t wait for the opportunity to have another one!!!

Mark W.

Chris Morrison has done an outstanding job getting me back on track. I was having dizziness as a result of neck problems as well as some lower back issues. Chris was recommend by Dr. Laura Peterson of ProHealth & Wellness Chiropractic. After a few sessions I was showing great improvement. I highly recommend Chris.

Rachel LaB.

Great service and massage! Chris did a great job helping with my problem areas from sitting at a desk all day. Thank you!!

Tara R.

What a perfect session! Chris Morrison gave a fantastic massage & I would highly recommend!!!

Piper McTaggart

I highly recommend Your Best Massage Therapy, especially to those that are new to massage. I had always wanted to try it because I know I have issues with stress and tension but I was afraid I wouldn’t be comfortable enough to relax and make it beneficial. My first visit here completely eradicated those fears. As someone who had never had a massage before, I had a lot of questions but Chris Morrison, the therapist, answered them all before I even had to ask. I felt completely comfortable and relaxed and really appreciated the knowledgeable explanations of the process and the purpose of various techniques but also being given plenty of quiet time. The space is beautiful. I was given a choice of aromatherapy and the music was perfect. I honestly cannot say enough positive things about the experience. I felt great afterwards and even a couple of days later I have far less muscle soreness than before I went in and my range of motion has increased significantly. If you’re looking for the best massage for you, this is the place to go!

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